Use Your Tax Refund for a Fresh Start!

Are you already dividing up your tax refund and trying to figure out who to pay, what to buy your kids, how to stretch the money as far as possible?

If your refund is only enough to get you CAUGHT UP on bills and not CLEAR OUT the bills, consider a better use for that money. Use the funds to file bankruptcy and WIPE OUT your debts for good!

Did you know that bankruptcy can actually help you clear out old debts and start rebuilding credit?  Most folks can qualify for a mortgage within 24 months of filing a bankruptcy after wiping their debts away. Most folks qualify for a car loan within months of wiping their debts away.  AND, the best part, no more creditors calling harassing you! No more stress over who to pay and how to stretch each paycheck to cover the bills.

Start fresh. Use that tax refund to make a change in your life that can help you rebuild credit and start over.

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