At Giles & Lambert, P.C. Bankruptcy means a new beginning.

Are you facing financial trouble? From the loss of a job to divorce to overwhelming medical bills or student loans, at Giles & Lambert we know that debts can rob you of sleep, patience and a sense of freedom.

You feel helpless and overwhelmed. Creditors  demand payments leaving you unable to pay for basic necessities for your family.  Often you feel there is no solution and no one can help.
But, when you fall down with debt problems, we can help you climb back up and stand straight again. We can stop collections call, stop foreclosures, stop repossession, stop judgments and garnishments. In short, we can help provide relief — and put your family’s needs first.

We Know How to Help You

photo_building_dayTracy and Malissa Giles founded the firm of Giles & Lambert, PC in Roanoke in 1993, and now have offices in Roanoke, Martinsville and Blacksburg. We have helped get thousands of your friends, family and acquaintances out of debt over the last 20 years.

We live in the community are raising our children here and understand the economy of Western Virginia and how it impacts our clients. Each case is different. Your situation is not the same as the client before you or after you. An attorney personally takes the time in each case to meet with you and review what your best options are to deal with your personal situation.

We have the experience in and offer services in the following areas:

• Chapter 7
• Chapter 13
• Business and Personal Representation
• Debt Negotiation
• Financial Divorce Analysis
• Consumer Issues in Mortgage Modification, Fair Debt Collections Act

When facing debt issues, we know it is important to look at all your options. Bankruptcy is a legal right given to you under our laws to help in times of need. If you are in need, let us help evaluate whether it is right for you.


mother with babyThere are many companies who offer to help get you out of debt. You may not be ready to consider filing bankruptcy yet. But before you send your hard-earned money to a debt settlement company or debt management company in another state or county, please take time to read about those firms and the warnings associated. [Link to page} This is your life. Explore your options. Take the time to weigh all risks and benefits of solutions offered before committing.

Start with One Simple Meeting

photo_tracy_malissaIt is as easy as emailing or phoning us to set up a free consultation for consumer cases. We provide a family-like atmosphere where you are comfortable discussing your situation. We like to meet in person and you will see we are pretty easy to talk with. We want to get to know prospective clients and you need to meet us to know we are the right firm for you.
We have streamlined the bankruptcy process to make it as easy as possible for you. Yes, there will be some documents and information you have to provide – after all, this is your case and your life. But, you will not be filling out 50 pages of paperwork at this firm. We will work hard to gather as much information necessary to make this a successful case and to lessen the load on you.

Change Your Life

photo_man_1When you fall down, you have rise to one knee and then the other to stand back up. We are here to help and support you. Bankruptcy is your legal right that can open new opportunities and give you a second chance at financial and emotional security. It is time to take charge and live a debt free and stress free life.